Pennsylvania Greater Father Family Involvement Campaign


Raise the consciousness of all Pennsylvanians that fathers can make tremendous contributions to the well-being of Children and Families 


Educate and urge each branch of Pennsylvania’s state government to adopt and institutionalize a father inclusive posture, toward men within families; and to support the active participation of fathers in Commonwealth child and family programming 


Convince the Pennsylvania General Assembly to establish in statue a Pennsylvania Commission that promotes greater father family involvement in the lives of children and families, and the removal of state systematic impediments that work against greater father child and family involvement

“…Just like mothers, fathers have many unique things to offer their children. They are role models, caretakers, providers, teachers and advocates. When children have the benefit of access and involvement with both their mother and father they are more likely to excel in school, achieve emotional well-being and be less likely to engage in risky behavior…”

A Father’s Day Wish
Dr. Joel N. Myers
Founder, chairman and CEO of AccuWeather
Founder and board chair of Dads’ Resource Center,
Both based in State College Pennsylvania
June 16, 2019


“Pennsylvania faces a variety of barriers to father involvement and child well-being, but the state is well-positioned to not only overcome these barriers but also become a national leader in the movement to increase father presence and greater father involvement. People and organizations across Pennsylvania are motivated to change policies and practices that impede fathers’ involvement. This momentum and desire to maintain family connections especially during the coronavirus pandemic is an invaluable resource for Pennsylvania.”

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.
Former Mayor, City of Philadelphia
Founder of Amachi & Chair of the Philadelphia Leadership Foundation
April 29, 2020