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2020 SOC Q & A CHAT Presentation: Voices from the Field
Presented By SOC Sub-Committee Dr. Rufus Sylvester Lynch, Chair February 2021

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Welcome Naimah Sadequa Wilson, MPA
Assistant Campaign Manager for Social Media Activities

Naimah is a well-respected public administrator and a social service professional with two decades of youth development, child welfare, and family preservation commitment and experience. 


Prior to establishing Dunbar Business Associates, a global marketing agency with a goal to bridge the wealth gap for people of color through networking and education; Mrs. Wilson held the position of Director of Intervention and Prevention Services at Catholic Community Services (CCS), a.k.a. Community Umbrella Agency (CUA #4) for Greater Northeast Philadelphia.


While at CCS, Mrs. Wilson worked closely with The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated (THE COMMISSION) and was an active participant in the successful development of the concept 3FA (Father Friendly Flagship Agency), a term used to describe a child and family service provider agency, a children and youth institution for adolescent care, and/or a governmental family policymaking center that frame (s) the delivery of services that impact the lives of children and families. 3FAs are dedicated to the well-being of children, youth, and families, and is committed to the inclusion of fathers in their service delivery model.


With direct oversight of the Fatherhood Program at CCS, Mrs. Wilson was and is no stranger to hard work, she facilitated and/or participated in a number of agency and grass-roots campaigns, presentations, workshops, program events, trainings, and discussions about the importance of father inclusion and involvement across all systems. 


Mrs. Wilson shares a belief, not too dissimilar from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, (1933-2020) that inter-generational commitment to what is commonly refer to as the, “Independent woman syndrome” is a barrier to successful co-parenting and further perpetuates a culture of male caregiver marginalization. Justice Ginsburg stated it differently “Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”


The West Philadelphia native has developed successful partnerships with numerous like- minded individuals and organizations across the city. She is hopeful that those partnerships will help fulfill a mission that every father in the city of Philadelphia, and across the Commonwealth, is connected to their children.  


Mrs. Wilson is a proud graduate professional of a HBCU, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, and a wife of a strong black male, mother of four children, two sons, sister to five brothers, and the only daughter of her father. As a result, she has always been compelled to advocate for men. In fact, her own blended family has shown her an appreciation for positive co-parenting as she has seen the beautiful outcomes in her own experiences.

2020 SOC Virtual Symposium

2020 SOC Virtual Symposium

Open Announcement to Father, Child and Family Advocates across Pennsylvania

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that Pennsylvania House of Representative Lori A. Mizgorski, serving the 30th Legislative District in Western Pennsylvania has agreed to introduce our bill in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The details of which have not been completely worked out, however, we have waited so long for the right person to come along that can represent our inclusive posture on families and family relationships that I could not help but want to share the good news right away.

Representative Mizgorski is known for her bi-partisan record of accomplishments that has included protecting families as well as taxpayers. As a mother of three, wife and former local Township Commissioner for over nine years, she understands the challenges that the voiceless face, and that state government must work for families across the Commonwealth.

In her own community, Representative Mizgorski has been very involved for more than a decade on the board of directors of the nationally recognized Shaler North Hills Library where she promotes the library’s mission to empower citizens through literacy.

Representative Mizgorski is a graduate of Hood College, a prestigious private Maryland educational institution, where she received her B.A Degree in English.

Let’s Welcome Representative Mizgorski to our ranks.

Rufus Sylvester Lynch
CONVENER of the Pennsylvania Symposium Organizing Committee (SOC)

Meet the Pennsylvania Greater Father Family Involvement Campaign Field Coordinator

Mr. Ver’non D. Brown, Director of Field Operations for The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated (THE COMMISSION), has been asked, and has accepted the appointment of Campaign Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Greater Father Family Involvement Campaign (PAGFFIC).

Mr. Brown is a native of North Carolina, the oldest of four children and a graduate of Atkinson High School.  After graduation, Vernon joined the Army’s Elite 82nd Airborne Division, where he served for three years completing tours of duty in several countries (Germany, Italy, and South America).  He was honorably discharged in 1974 when he relocated to Philadelphia.  After working for several years with the U.S. Postal Service, he enrolled at Eastern College (now Eastern University), where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Sociology and Youth Ministry.

As a member of Sharon Baptist Church, (1982) he began and headed their first Youth Ministry Program for four years.  He graduated and eventually moved on to serve as Youth Minister for several other Philadelphia Churches, while consulting with others as they created youth programs of their own. Mr. Brown also served as a Philadelphia City Department of Human Services social worker for several years, counseling delinquent teens and ended his social work career in the Foster Care Unit with the Juvenile Justice Center.  While working in that unit, he and his wife became foster parents themselves and opened their home to a number of foster children. For the next ten years, he went on to teach sixth grade in the public and charter school system of Philadelphia, where he distinguished himself as an excellent educator and mentor to students.  His decision to teach came after being approached and recruited by Concerned Black Men of Philadelphia.

Currently, Mr. Brown is semi-retired and devotes much of his time to organizing community folk to become activists for social change.  He is the father of three children, two boys and a girl, ages 23, 25 & 28; all of who live on their own and are doing well.